Slidekamera PSK-5

Cena: 2.100 Kč (1.736 Kč bez DPH)

Popis produktu

Model Length Number of closed pockets Application
PSK-1 600mm 1 Slide Kamera HSK-2 600
Slide Kamera SP-600
PSK-2 800mm 1 Slide Kamera HSK-6 800 STANDARD / PRO
PSK-3 1000mm 2 Slide Kamera S-980 STANDARD / PRO
Slide Kamera SP-1000 STANDARD / PRO
Slide Kamera HSK-5 1000 STANDARD / PRO
PSK-4 1500mm 2 Slide Kamera S-1500 STANDARD / PRO
Slide Kamera HSK-5 1500 STANDARD / PRO
PSK-5 2000mm 2 Slide Kamera HSK-5 2000 STANDARD /PRO
Product description:
  • waterproof polyester fabric of high durability, resistant to abrasion and weather conditions
  • transport handle made of nylon tape (used by NATO)
  • handle and shoulder straps additionaly strengthened
  • adjustable shoulder strap allowing to carry the cover in several positions
  • inside pockets with zippers (the number of pockets depends on the model)
  • inside straps that secure Slide Kamera during transport
  • sides of the cover filled with 1cm Nexus foam
  • place for business card
  • practical and functional design of the cover
  • black with green borders around

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