Slidekamera HSO-4 Rotational Skater

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Rotational Slide Kamera HSO-4 is a professional equipment perfect for smooth shots during the camera movement. Suitable for cameras and photo cameras of a total weight up to 10 kg. Specially designed three-wheel cart allows to lead the camera in many directions thus presenting the user with many amazing possibilities of creating images. Double bearinged wheels of 100mm diameter work out perfectly on uneven groung, providing excellent stability of the device. Additionally each wheel is equipped with clamping knob that locks the rotation and allows to set the device in a desired position. Wheels are mounted on rotational heads with markers that facilitate proper wheel angle adjustment.
The set also includes low base with 3/8” threaded hole and head angle adjustment module that allows for small angular adjustments. In addition, you may also purchase Slide Kamera AF-15 adapter. Rotational Slide Kamera HSO-4 is equipped with a number of holes that allow to mount various accessories in a variety of combinations, thus providing great configuration possibilities and universality of our product.

Set includes:
  • aluminium cart with three caster wheels of a 100mm diameter ( wheels mounted on  rotational heads)
  • low base  with 3/8” threaded hole
  • AF-11SL reduction 1/4″-3/8″ thread
  • AF-12SL reduction 3/8″ thread
  • head angle adjustment module
  • clamping knob that locks the rotation of the caster wheel head
  • 5mm Allen key
  • 3mm Allen key
  • four M4x12 screws
  • four M4x20 screws
  • user manual
Application: smooth shots during the camera movement
Weight: 3,3kg
Safety payload: 10kg
Mounting holes of wheel rotational head: four M6 holes
Low base mounting holes: 3/8″ threaded hole
eight M4 holes ( Manfrotto spacing)
Cart mounting holes: three 3/8″ threaded holes
three 1/4″ threaded holes
six M4 holes
Bubble level: -
Material: aluminium
Color: black
Addittional accessories:
  • Laser pointers mounted on wheel rotational head. They  set the exact radius of rotation in relation to the object that is being filmed thus allowing the user to make precise shots while maintaining the same distance from the  object
  • Slide Kamera AF-17 articulated arm that allows to mount additional photo-video equipment (microphone, lightning devices, LCD monitor, motion controller)
  • Articulated arm 11″ Magic Arm for DSLR that allows to mount additional photo-video equipment (microphone, lightning devices, LCD monitor, motion controller)
  • On-camera field monitor
  • HDN DC drive for Slide Kamera HSO series consisting of a controller: HDN-ST or HDN-ST PRO, and HDN-ZN-3 power unit
  • HDN-ZN-3 power unit (in case you already have HDN-ST or HDN-ST PRO controller)
  • Slide Kamera AKC-3 adapter for quick mounting of accessories
  • Slide Kamera AF-15 adapter for 75mm/100mm half ball PLEASE NOTE: Attach only Manfrotto half ball with a MN319SH short handle to the AF-15 adapter (75mm 520BALLSH half ball, 100mm 500 BALLSH halfball). If you have a half ball with a long handle (520BALL, 500BALL), purchase only MN319SH short handle. Unscrew the long handle and screw the short one instead.

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