Slidekamera HKN-2 stepper drive for HSK series sliders

Cena: 22.490 Kč (18.587 Kč bez DPH)

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Slide Kamera HKN-2 stepper drive dedicated for Slide Kamera HSK series sliders, is equipment specially designed for smooth shots in motion as well as Timelapse photos. HKN-2 stepper drive consists of an intuitive controller and a driving motor. The controller allows the user to work in various working programs: VIDEO, ANIMATION, TIMELAPSE. Simple and functional menu provides excellent ergonomics of use. Front panel of the controller is equipped a joystick and two knobs to adjust: SPEED and DAMPING. To eliminate any movement during shutter release, HKN-2 set includes a shutter release cable that is used in ANIMATION and TIMELAPSE working programs. You can choose a proper cable depending on your camera model. HKN-2 drive controller is equipped with 1/4″ mounting hole that allows you to mount additional devices using Slide Kamera AF-17 articulated arm or Magic Arm 11″.

Driving motor model HKN-2

Driving motor allows for the cartload of 4kg during vertical track (100% of power) and 30kg during horizontal track (100% of power.

Set includes:

  • HKN-ST controller
  • Driving motor
  • AC Adapter
  • RJ-45 cable connecting the motor with the controller
  • Toothed belt mounting set
  • Limit switches
  • 2,5mm Allen key
  • 5mm Allen key
  • WS Shutter release cable (one to choose from)
  • User Manual

NOTE: In case of mounting HSK series slider (with HKN-2 stepper drive attached) on a tripod it is necessary to replace AF-8 SH mounting port with AF-8 LG port that ensures higher mounting. In case of traditional AF-8 SH mounting ports, the drive can hit the tripod crown causing damage to the equipment.

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