SECCED Mini Traveler Crane

SECCED SC-MiniJIBDV&ENG – Mini Traveler Crane (DV – ENG)

Cena: 272.855 Kč (225.500 Kč bez DPH)

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Contrast to normal tripod system, Mini Traveler provides more range of motion. Since it adopts rear remote operation, it helps operators complete some sequence which front-operated jib cannot accomplish. For instance, booming jib and shot from very high point which ordinary people hardly reach. Moreover, due to restriction of terrain and other factors, camera men are not able to do front-operation, such as no terrain underneath the front of jib, but the remote control from rear of Mini Traveler gives an outstanding solution to this circumstance.

Pan and tilt brakes ensure safety of the jib. Easy setup, one man can finish installation in just 20 minutes.

Availability of various working modes, A) the provided 100mm heavy-duty tripod is used with 100m ball head to form normal tripod system. B) With tripod, dolly and crane arm, it become the simple front operated jib, having the 40kg capacity. C) With added remote head and control system, it become rear operated jib with adaptability to various circumstances.

Very responsive head with smooth movement, matching the level of famous brand in crane and remote head industry.

Slip ring installed for pan movement allows remote head could pan unlimited. The HD signal can go through the slip ring, which means the remote head can output HD signal.

Remote head has max payload of 15kg, so it is compatible with ENG camera with either Canon or Fuji lens. Pan and tilt movement of remote head can be controlled, in addition the speed and damp of pan and tilt movement can be adjusted as well.

This crane system can control either DV&HDV camera or ENG format camera, so there are two modes available. Switch between DV mode and ENG mode can be easily completed by only changing the camera, a few cables and one controller.

Specially designed DV controller can control both Sony (Canon) and Panasonic DV and HDV cameras. For Sony and Canon DV & HDV camera, it has the functions of control zoom/focus, power on/off, Fader, back light on/off, and start/stop recording. In addition, for Panasonic DV & HDV camera, it has the functions of control zoom/focus/iris, and start/stop recording.

In ENG mode, pan and tilt movement of remote head can be controlled, in addition the speed and damp of pan and tilt movement can be adjusted as well

The equipped V-mount interface for battery make the crane work in the circumstance of no external power source available.


Applied Circumstances 

It can be used for shooting small and medium shows in studio, like talk show etc. Meanwhile, it is great gear for outside broadcasting and video production. It can be applied to do video production of low budget shows, TV series, and commercials.

In addition, it can be applied to shoot wedding ceremony and large enterprise meeting, and fulfill the production need of government and army.

Compatible Camera

Sony and Canon DV & HDV camera with LANC interface and all Panasonic DV and HDV camera.

ENG format camera with Canon or Fuji lens, total weight is less than 15kg.