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Slidekamera MONO HEAD

Cena: 24.590 Kč (20.322 Kč bez DPH)

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MONOHEAD fills the gap in the line of motion control products. It is precise remote head for rotating the camera in one axis.

MONOHEAD was designed to carry heavy, professional cameras. Rigid construction and precise drive make this device reliable and repeatable. MONO HEAD is perfect for every application, that requires precise movement: live action, timelapse, stop motion or VFX shots.

The head was created to work with XSLIDER equipped with XMOTOR. It works with every mode, that are offered by the controller of the drive:

  • LIVE
  • ANIMATION (stop motion)

While the position of the camera is controlled by the XMOTOR, MONO HEADrotates the camera to maintain correct composition of the frame.
All devices are managed by one controller and creates integrated motion control system. You can use wide range of controllers: from AION IQ, which is included in the set with your XMOTOR, to SLIDEYE PRO mobile application, connected to the devices by SLIDE LINK wireless adapter.

Motion control system has been designed to work unattended. That enables operators to work in small crews or in “one-man band”.

For shooting interviews or recording live shows, MONO HEAD is perfect solution, that automates the motion of the camera. Thanks to this head the filmed object will remain in the right spot in the frame. You don’t have to worry about parallax effect, or missed compositions.


  • MONO HEAD remote head
  • camera quick release plate (AKC-3)
  • head quick release plate
  • HET BUS cable (RJ45)
  • power cable
  • transport case


Application: precise rotation of the camera in one axis
Weight: 2,9kg
Head dimensions: 267mm x 80mm x 132mm
Head load capacity: 8kg
Range of head rotation angles: N x 360º
Maximum rotation speed: 73o/s (360o/4,9s)
Maximum acceleration: 264o/s2
Supply voltage: 10..17V DC min 25W
Battery working time: 12V 7Ah min. 3h
Operating temperature range: 0 to +40oC
Recommended relative humidity: < 90%

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