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Steadicam Pilot HD/SDI AB-Mount Stabilizing System

Cena: 148.903 Kč (123.060 Kč bez DPH)

  • Frictionless, Silky-Smooth Iso-Elastic Performance
  • Huge 28″ Lifting Range
  • One-Touch Lift-Adjustment for each section
  • Lightweight Design
  • 7″ LCD Color Monitor
  • CarbonLite Expandable Center Post
  • New Arm / Vest Interface System
  • X-Y Vernier Adjustment of Stage Plate
  • Operates in Standard and Low modes
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The new Steadicam Pilot HD/SDI stabilizer with AB-Mount is state-of-the-art, lightweight and affordable, designed especially for the modern breed of lightweight cameras from 0.9 – 4.1 kg (2 – 9 lbs). Only battery and camera of choice is needed as all other required system components are provided for normal operation. The Pilot HD/SDI system comes standard with an expandable carbon fiber post, 7 inch HD/SDI LCD monitor for real-time visual feedback and an Anton Bauer battery (AB) Mount. Utilizing a proven low mass gimbal, the operator has the ability to capture the fluid movement that only Steadicam stabilizers can provide. The no-tools camera stage establishes a solid base for the camera and facilitates smooth adjustment from side to side plus fore and aft. The stage plate is indexed so that the camera can be removed and remounted without the need to readjust the balance.

The Iso-Elastic Arm is a two-section, articulated, design that can be adjusted while supporting the camera. With this design, the Steadicam operator can smoothly and effortlessly raise or lower the arm throughout its 71 cm (28 in.) boom range. The Pilot’s ultra lightweight vest is designed to provide complete comfort and functionality for extended productions and long continuous shots. No-tools adjustments make it easy to adjust on the “fly.” The sled boasts a true three axis gimbal and is equipped with counter weights for balance and positionable monitor, gimbal and battery mounts. The Pilot HD/SDI stabilizer system comes with a backpack big enough for storing the sled, arm and vest.

Key Features

• Lightweight and affordable
• Operated in Standard and Low Mode
• Balance weights mountable on stage plate
• Indexed stage plate with vernier adjustments and power connector
• Positionable monitor, gimbal and battery mounts

Optional Accessories

• Steadistand
• Pilot Arm Post Kit (for use with Merlin Arm)
• Merlin Arm Post Kit (for use with Merlin Stabilizers)