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Slidekamera HDN PRO DC – drive for Slide Kamera devices (with photocamera synchronization)

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Slide Kamera HDN PRO DC drive, dedicated for Slide Kamera devices, is equipment specially designed for smooth shots in motion ranging from 2mm/s to 55mm/s as well as Timelapse photos. HDN drive consists of an intuitive controller and a power unit. Speed stability of our drive ensures perfect smoothnes of motion both horizontally and at a certain angle. Quiet operation reduces the noises to the minimum on the recorded material. Additionaly, the device is very light, its weight does not exceeds 1kg.
Drive can be supplied from either AC adapter or three R6/AA batteries. HDN is designed in a way to allow simple connection / disconnection of the drive at any time, ie, the cameraman can perform alternately hand held camera movement and use the drive. Drive controller is equipped with 1/4″ mounting hole that allows to mount it on devices with the use of articulated arm.

Set includes:
  • HDN-ST PRO controller
  • power unit (mounting depends on the model)
    - HDN-ZN-1 for Slide Kamera S series
    - HDN-ZN-2 for Slide Kamera HSK ans SP series
    - HDN-ZN-3 for Slide Kamera HSO series
  • 100÷240V AC Adapter
  • three R6/AA batteries
  • shutter release (one to choose from): WS-1, WS-2, WS-3, WS-4, WS-5, WS-6
  • user manual
Top speed in VIDEO and LOOP modes: Slide Kamera S series: ~55mm/s
Slide Kamera HSK series: ~55mm/s
Slide Kamera HSO series: ~110mm/s
Slide Kamera serii SP series: ~55mm/s
Minimal speed in VIDEO and LOOP modes: Slide Kamera S series: <2mm/s
Slide Kamera HSK series: <2mm/s
Slide Kamera HSO series: <4mm/s
Slide Kamera SP series: <2mm/s
Cart load
(horizontal track):
Slide Kamera S series: up to 3kg
Slide Kamera HSK series: up to 10kg
Slide Kamera HSO series: up to 10kg
Slide Kamera SP series: up to 4kg
Battery runtime: about 3 hours in VIDEO and LOOP mode (rail set up horizontally, load 3 kg), up to 10h in TIMELAPSE mode
Operating temperature range: -10°C do 70°C
Shutter release
(one to choose):
WS-1, WS-2, WS-3, WS-4, WS-5, WS-6
Controller dimensions im mm: 100x160x50mm
Weight (controller, power unit, batteries): 815g
Controlling programs:
VIDEO Mode VIDEO mode is designed for smooth shots from the camera or a photo camera mounted on a cart of Slide Kamera device. It is possible to control the direction and speed of the shift using SPEED knob.
LOOP Mode LOOP mode similarly to VIDEO mode, is designed for smooth shots from the camera or a photo camera mounted on a cart of Slide Kamera device. In this mode, when the drive encounters too much resistance, it automatically starts to move in the opposite direction.
TIMELAPSE Mode Timelapse shots synchronized with the movement of the cart (Motion Timelapse). In this mode, the operator sets the length of the jump and time at which the drive stops thus enabling to take a photo without a motion blur.
In PRO version thanks to the cable release that connects the controller with the photo camera, the drive controller releases the shutter in time when the cart is motionless. If you do not have the PRO version, we suggest using a wireless timer and shutter release.Interval values: 1-300s
Length of jump values: 0,2 – 999mm

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