Slidekamera AFL-1 laser pointers for HSO-4 Rotational

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Slide Kamera AFL-1 laser pointers dedicated for Rotational Slide Kamera HSO-4 set the exact radius of rotation in relation to the object that is being filmed. They allow the user to make precise shots while maintaining the same distance from the object. The set consists of two laser pointers with laser mounting sockets as well as mounting screws. AFL-1 laser pointers are mounted on wheel rotational head of Slide Kamera HSO-4.  M3x3 set screw mounts the laser in the laser socket and adjusts the laser beam. Device is battery-powered.

Before you start your work with AFL-1 laser pointers, read the instructions for use carefully. Laser is NOT A TOY! Do not allow minors to use a laser pointer unsupervised.

Set includes:
  • 2x laser pointers
  • 2x laser sockets
  • four M6x20 screws
  • 5mm Allen key Z type
  • M3x3 set screw
  • 1,5mm Allen key L type
  • 6 batteries AG13 (LR44)
  • instructions for use
Application: set the exact radius of rotation in relation to the object that is being filmed
Class: 3R laser
Power output: <5mW
Laser beam type and wavelength: 630-680nm/ red
Supply: 6 batteries AG 13 (LR44)
Max. pointing distance: > 800m
Laser safety: yes, as long as all required safety measures are taken
Operating temperature range: 0ºC to +50ºC
Storage temperature range: -10ºC to +50ºC
Material: T6061 High Class Aluminium
Weight: 0,338kg