DitoGear OmniHead Bundle Gold

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360° rotation in each of axes:
With its innovative design, the DitoGear OmniHead allows for full 360° × 360° rotation in each of axes. No more limitations.

Compact build:
We understand you usually have too much to carry around. With a compact and lightweight build, the DitoGear OmniHead will fit into your luggage easily.

High precision:
Thanks to high precision double bearings on each of axes and power-efficient servo motors the DitoGear OmniHead is probably the most precise piece of gear in a sub-10K price range. Backlash-free operation contributes additionally to perfect motion repeatability for VFX.

High speed range:
Thanks to servo motors and a proprietary technology by DitoGear to control them, the OmniHead delivers unmatched speed range on a single motors setup. With the speed ranging from 45°/s (360° in 8s) to 360° in 450 days, you don?t need to worry about swapping the motors when you switch from timelapse to realtime filming.

Full repeatability for VFX:
DitoGear OmniSlider is a benchmark product in terms of motion repeatability in compact motion control systems range. Basing on our established tradition, the DitoGear OmniHead won?t disappoint you in this matter allowing for fully repeatable movement.

Realtime, timelapse and stop-motion operation:
Either use the 3-axis ultra-precise joystick for realtime movements or unleash the power of motion control thanks to DitoGear OmniSlider Controllers and upcoming Dragonframe and DitoGear moco software integration.
Be as creative as you like with realtime or timelapse operation. Record sophisticated sequences, play them back in real time or in timelapse to design most difficult speed matching shots combining time-lapse and real-time footage into one composite shot. Take an advantage of motion control for your stop-motion animations.

Easy to balance:
Thanks to a one-key design approach you?ll easily mount the head on the tripod or DitoGear OmniSlider and balance the camera.

Minimized cabling:
DitoGear OmniHead comes with minimized cabling. Signal and power has been combined within a single RJ-type connector. No more hassle.

Weather proof enclosure:
Continuing the tradition of great build of DitoGear products, the OmniHead comes with a high-end machined, sealed and weather-proof enclosure.

Upside down operation:
Finally, if you?d like to hang it upside down ? yes, that?s also possible.

DragonFrame compatibility:
Unleash the power of motion control for stop motion work with the upcoming DragonFrame motion control software integration. Now it is a pleasure to reveal complicated scene details by smoothly adjusting the focus. So many new possibilities!

Noiseless operation:
Thanks to unique design and motor choice, the DitoGear OmniHead performs with the lowest noise level possible to allow for use in most demanding situations.

DitoGear Evolution software compatibility:
With DitoGear Evolution ? the upcoming multi-axis keyframe-based motion control software this unit will be another block contributing to enormous creative possibilities of your multiaxis DitoGear motion control rig.

Following Bundles are available:

Gold Bundle:
- DitoGear OmniHead unit
- 2x DitoGear OmniSlider Controller
- 3-directional analog joystick with speed dampening and max speed dials
- Aluminum transport case
- Signal & Power cables
- 7Ah battery + softcase
- battery charger
- DC power adapter
- 15mm support rods adapter plate & support rods 15mm × 200mm
- Tripod / OmniSlider Adapter plate
- Allen keys