DitoGear LensDrive Bundle Economy Realtime

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DitoGear LensDrive is a precise andversatile motorized lens drive system for demanding cinematographers and time lapse shooters.

High-end built, ultimate precision and motion control features makes it another must have in your kit.

Noiseless performance:
Thanks to unique design and motor choice, this unit performs with the lowest noise level possible to allow for use in most demanding situations.

Ultimate precision:
With the digital control interface and high-performance servo motors the DitoGear
LensDrive performs with an unmatched angular precision of 0.045° (drive gear) making even the extreme macro focus-controlled shots possible.

High-end durable build:
To design products that you love and that last. That?s a rule at DitoGear. True for the DitoGear LensDrive as well as for all other products.

Realtime operation:
Realtime operation is smooth and easy thanks to DitoGear SmoothWheel controller. With ultra low latency, adjustable speed dampening, speed limits and easy calibration, focusing will be precise and easy. Exactly what you needed.

Motion control feature set:
Unleash the power of motion control using the DitoGear? LensDrive with DitoGear OmniSlider Controller. Record sophisticated sequences, play them back in real time or in timelapse to design most difficult speed matching shots combining time-lapse and real-time footage into one composite shot. Take an advantage of motion control for your stop-motion animations or motion-controlled macro shots. You have never had so much possibilities to control your focus.

DragonFrame compatibility:
Unleash the power of motion control for stop motion work with the DragonBridge interface & DragonFrame motion control software integration. Now it is a pleasure to reveal complicated scene details by smoothly adjusting the focus. So many new possibilities!

DitoGear Evolution software:
With DitoGear Evolution ? the upcoming multi-axis keyframe-based motion control software this unit will be another block contributing to enormous creative possibilities of your multiaxis DitoGear motion control rig. Stay tuned for updates.

3rd party focus rings compatible:
Use your focus gear rings you already have or pair the unit with multiple 3rd party rings available out there.

Serves as focus or zoom drive:
The DitoGear LensDrive serves as a focus or zoom drive depending on your needs. Or go for both options at once to get full control at discounted price with the Professional, 2-axis bundle!

Timelapse, stop-motion operation:
Thanks to an option of controlling the LensDrive using the DitoGear OmniSlider controllers this unit is fully usable for timelapse and stop-motion cinematography. You simply control it the same way as you do with your slider or the OmniHead.

Minimized cabling:
The DitoGear LensDrive comes with minimized cabling design. You need only one signal and power cable to connect the device.

Full repeatability for VFX:
Thanks to high engineering standards and goals set during the R&D stage, the DitoGear LensDrive is as precise as a benchmark DitoGear OmniSlider or the new OmniHead and won?t disappoint you allowing for fully repeatable movement for VFX purposes.

High speed range:
The DitoGear LensDrive provides you with very wide range of speeds from 360*/1.25s to 360°/35s in realtime to 360°/450 days (with DitoGear OmniSlider Controller).

Following Bundles are available:

Economy Real time:
- 1x DitoGear LensDrive
- 1x DitoGear SmoothWheel Controller
- 1x Signal + Power cable