FXLION SKYPOWER - Dual channel

FXLION SKYPOWER – Dual-channel Battery Output Adapter

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24V Skypower Battery Output Adapter

  • Special battery output adapter design for LED light/film equipment.
  • Use two pieces battery as power input,offer you 24VDC,total power 240W,power for LED light and equipment.This adapter offer portable power bank for portable LED light and outdoor shooting equipment.
  • Undervoltage indicator indicates to change battery when it is undervoltage.
  • 24V/14.8V could work at the same time,total power 240W(max).
  • Use V-mount batteries with PL-2DBS. For stable output voltage, we recommend using two pieces same capacity full batteries together.
  • DC Input: Battery 14.8V * 2
  • DC Output 1: 24V/10A
  • DC Output 2: 14.8V/8A ( Battery output)
  • Power: 240W
  • Dimension/Weight:
  • PL-2DBS 141.5(L)mm×101(W)mm×230.5(H)mm/900g
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