Manfrotto LED světlo LUMIE MUSE

Cena: 2.690 Kč (2.223 Kč bez DPH)

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Popis produktu

The LUMIE MUSE is the largest and brightest LED in the LUMIE range but is still ultra-portable. Keeping one or two LUMIE Muse’ in your kit bag will give your portable lighting set a real kick without all the extra weight and space needed for traditional lighting. The LUMIE Muse is great for lighting in myriad situations with excellent maximum light output and 4 step dimming to regulate light intensity.

The USB rechargeable Li-Pol batteries provide superb battery life allowing you to make the most of the photo/video shoot.

The LUMIE Art comes with a hot shoe mount, also provided with a standard 1’’ thread to enable you to attach it directly to a tripod or alternative supports. Also included in each kit a set of snap-fit filter mount and filters which modify the colour temperature and diffusion of the light; you can simultaneously use up to 2 to achieve various effects.
The filters and filter mount are all supplied with they own carrying case. Better yet, you can also buy accessory filter kits with additional filter colours to create even more unique images.

Technická specifikace:
- instalace na zařízení: standartní sáňky + 1/4″
- výdrž baterie: 60 min.
- vyzařovací úhel: 50 °
- teplota světla: 5600 K
- CRI (index podání barev): >92
- rozměry: 28x86x59 mm
- nastavení výkonu: 4 stupně výkonu
- síla světla: 550 LUX na vzdálenost 1m
- počet diod: 0.175 kg
- hmotnost: 0.074 kg