Litepanels 1×1 LS Traveler TRIO PLUS Kit

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With two variable color fixtures plus a daylight fixture to choose from, you not only have the perfect solution for 3-point portrait lighting, but also the ability to match ambient color temperature when lighting a room
interior or filling in shadowed faces in exterior locations. The Trio Plus Kit, complete with tote and rugged wheeled case, weighs only 65 pounds (29.5kg), and the environmentally friendly fixtures draw only 120W combined.

Litepanels 1×1 LS TRAVELER TRIO PLUS KIT Includes:

  • 2x – 1×1 LS Bi-Color – 50° beam angle
  • 1x – 1×1 LS Mono Daylight Flood – 50° beam angle
  • 3x – Compact Light Stands
  • 3x – AC Power Supply
  • 3x – AC Power Cords
  • 1x – Trolley-Style Hard Case