Kessler Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly™ Carbon – Standard

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The Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly Carbon is a revolutionary camera slider system that features incredibly durable and lightweight carbon fiber construction and continues to provide the buttery smooth linear camera movement of the original Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly. Carbon fiber, with its low weight and resistance to temperature change and thermal expansion make it an ideal material for precision tools like camera sliders. The Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly Carbon comes as a bundled package specifically designed by Philip Bloom and also features a rich polished black finish with carbon fiber inlays and accents.


Smooth & Quiet Ride

The Stealth Carbon is smoother than other linear sliders due to its ball bearing and wheel design. But smooth, precise motion on a slider does not matter if it is loud. Unlike other metal bearing sliders on the market, our proprietary design and materials will get you precise, smooth motion in a durable product that is perfectly quiet. In addition, with its belt drive system you have the option to combine with one of our motion control systems including elektraDRIVE and CineDrive.

Lightweight Carbon Fiber Rails & Inlays

Carbon Fiber, with its high strength, low weight, resistance to temperature change and thermal expansion make it an ideal material for precision tools like camera sliders.

Adjustable Drag Control

Everyone knows how important fluid drag controls are to tripod heads, so why not add the same idea to a slider? Now you can have that same ultra-smooth resistance to control your motion ensuring a perfect shot.

Vertical & Angled Shots

No need for additional kits to do vertical or angled shots. With several ways of mounting to tripod heads, ball mounts and so forth, you can easily set up the slider in endless configurations.

100% Custom Made

Our wheel & rail system is what really sets us apart from other sliders on the market. We, like other slider manufactures, started out with off-the-shelf industrial/commercial linear glide systems, but soon found out that if we were to attain perfection we would have to design and precision-machine our sliders from scratch. So, unlike other slider manufacturers, we have done just that. Our precision-machined, laser-tested-rails are perfectly straight and eliminate any twist or variation in rail width that could potentially cause pulsing. Achieving vertical and angle shots are no problem due to wheels and bearings that give what can only be described as a “buttery smooth” feel that is unmatched.