Kessler CineDrive 3-Axis Bundle w/ 5′ CineSlider

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For your convenience this CineDrive bundle includes a 5′ CineSlider and a 3-axis CineDrive system at a discounted rate. The CineDrive bundles are designed to get you the tools needed to get started in one simple package.

Kessler CineDrive is a revolutionary multi-axis camera motion control system that puts the emphasis on filmmaker creativity. Never before has any one system provided the power and versatility required to give users multi-axis control that is configurable enough to meet the needs of filmmakers in the studio and in the field as elegantly as CineDrive does. Its modular design allows users to custom build their system in a matter of minutes or months, depending on budget and use. Whether for live-action, time-lapse or stop-motion, CineDrive was built to give users robust key-framable motion control at their fingertips. Its rock-solid engineering and innovative technology ensures it performs today and will continue to for years to come.

Wireless iPad & Windows Untethered Control

Kessler CineDrive features the ability to begin working via a wired or wireless connection (tethered) and continue working after they’ve disconnected their Windows or iPad device (untethered). This functionality allows users for example to set up a motion control move, unplug or turn off their laptop and leave while CineDrive continues to execute the move. CineDrive also allows users to connect up to 4 devices to one CineDrive brain and control moves. If a user wanted to connect a laptop and an iPad or multiple of each, they have the ability to do so.


  • 5′ CineSlider w/ Soft Case
  • Measuring Tape
  • CineSlider Motor Mount
  • CineDrive Brain with AC (Wall) Power Cord
  • Pan & Tilt Head Kit
  • Slider Motor
  • Slider Motor Control Box
  • Camera Control Cable
  • Soft Case for Brain & Cables
  • Appropriate Cables and Hardware
  • 1 Cable Clip
  • kOS Software for iPad (iOS 6 or newer)
  • Native kOS software for Windows 7 and 8 OS
  • Native kOS software for Mac OS X (10.5 or newer)

Pan and Tilt Motor Options
The 27:1 high speed brick option provides fast motions of up to 106 degrees per second, ideal for action shots, over cranked slow motion or ultra quiet operation at slower speeds. Because of the faster gearing, torque is reduced so it is advised to keep your camera setup under 12 lbs. (on center of gravity) in horizontal use.

The 50:1 high torque brick option provides nearly 2 times the torque of the 27:1 high speed brick and is recommended when the pan/tilt head is used at an incline (vertical slider orientations). Increased gear reduction results in motions of 54 degrees per second and the ability to handle up to 25 lb. camera rigs (on center of gravity).