glidecam vistatrack 200

Glidecam Vistatrack 200-48 – Heavy Duty Camera Slider

Cena: 63.390 Kč (52.388 Kč bez DPH)

  • Heavy Duty ö0 kg Capacity
  • 122 cm Long Track
  • 6 Telescopic Height Adjustments to 122 cm
  • Lays On Flat Surfaces at 18 cm
  • Lubricated Double-Row Ball Bearings
  • Legs Fold in Completely for Portability
  • Rolls on Wheels Like Luggage
  • 100mm Bowl Included

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The Glidecam VistaTrack 200-48 Track and Dolly System is efficient and effective. Its legs fold in completely and neatly. Wheels on one end and a handle on the opposite end enable you to roll the entire assembly from set to set like luggage on wheels. A handle on the side lets you carry the assembly like a guitar. Load capacity is 90 kg and the length of the track is 122 cm. The foldable legs telescopically adjust to six heights from 127 cm at the highest to 85 cm, eliminating the need for a tripod. When the legs are folded in, the assembly can simply be laid on a table or other flat surface. In such case the height off the flat surface will be approximately 18 cm. The system operates on wiper-sealed double-row ball bearings that are lubricated for life and that afford vibration-free camera movements.

The height of the telescopic legs is adjustable at the push of a button. The six height points are: 50, 47, 43.5, 40, 37, and down to 33.5″. A mounting plate and a 100mm bowl come included, and a 75mm bowl adapter can optionally be installed. VistaTrack is made in the U.S.A.

  • Legs fold in completely
  • Wheels and a handle enable rolling like luggage on wheels
  • A second handle allows carrying like a guitar
  • 90 kg weight capacity
  • 122 cm track
  • Six adjustable heights up to 127 cm, eliminating the need for a tripod
  • Lays on flat surfaces at 18 cm
  • Lubricated wiper-sealed double-row ball bearings afford vibration-free camera movements
  • 100mm bowl included