Genesis Steadycam Pro 3.00

Cena: 4.490 Kč (3.711 Kč bez DPH)

  • load capacity: 3.0 kg
  • maximum height: 59cm
  • minimum height: 39cm
  • unique 3-axis toggle handle
  • quick-release mounting plate for cameras and camcorders
  • smooth and easy balancing of the kit
  • possibility to mount additional weights on the counterbalance
  • rigid aluminium construction
  • small weight
  • additional bolts to adjust the centre of gravity

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With a solid filming knowledge and appropriate equipment we can easily record professional and high-quality movies and present our vision in an interesting way to engage the viewer.

Genesis Steadycam Pro is a professional manual image stabilizer intended for cameras and camcorders. It features precise centre of gravity adjustment through a quick release mounting plate and adjustable height of the counterbalance which may loaded with additional weights.

High efficiency of the Steadycam Pro stabilizer ensures extremely smooth recording, even if you run or climb the stairs.

The quick-release mounting plate for a camera or camcorder may be precisely shifted forward, backwards and sideways through additional adjusting bolts to perfectly balance the entire kit.

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