DitoGear OmniSlider Kit 1.5m Servo

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DitoGear OmniSlider is a robust and richly featured linear motion control slider for broadcast, digital cinema and DSLR cinematography.

We are proud to introduce improved DitoGear OmniSlider Servo. The ultimate smoothness, unmatched precision, high payload, low-noise operation and rich feature set is exactly what you need for professional video and film work!

With the new firmware for DitoGear OmniSlider you get easier, more intuitive and precise control of the camera movement in real-time, time-lapse and stop-motion operation. Not to mention full repeatability for VFX. You are the director, we do the rest.

DitoGear OmniSlider Servo brings the new performance level. 70kg in horizontal operation and up to 12kg vertically is the performance you need to work with film cameras. Strong and still portable.


Rich Feature Set
DitoGear? OmniSlider provides you probably the richest feature set suited for nearly all kinds of cinematography work, be it real time filming, macro shots, speed matching, advanced timelapse operation or stop motion.

High Speed Range
With DitoGear? OmniSlider you don?t have to change the motors to get different speed ranges. From 1m/3.7s to 1m in 1.5 year your creativity is not limited anymore.

Intuitive User Interface
The interface of the DitoGear? OmniSlider delivers all features in a clear and intuitive way ? right at your fingertips when you need them.

Noise-Free Operation
Thanks to refined design concepts making use of precise CNC-machined parts and servo motors, the DitoGear? OmniSlider allows you to feel comfortably on a set, even while working with the sound.

Ultimate Precision
The DitoGear? OmniSlider makes use of high-precision servo motors proprietary technology of controlling them to deliver unmatched positioning precision (up to 0.1mm) and ultimate smoothness of motion which allows you even for shooting macro.

High Payloads
The DitoGear? OmniSlider is probably the strongest compact slider available on the market. With its horizontal payload of over 70kg and vertical of 15kg it allows you to work with a range of cameras starting from DSLRs, through video, digital cinema to broadcast setups.

Perfect Repeatability
Thanks to amazing build quality and technologies used, DitoGear? OmniSlider delivers perfect motion repeatability which you need for advanced match-moving, compositing and sophisticated special effects.
No more limitations.

Low Power Consumption
What?s the most amazing is that you get this performance with really impressive power efficiency.

Delivery parts

- 1x Main OmniSlider unit
- 1x DitoGear OmniController
- 1x 110/220V AC/DC Power Supply
- 1x 12V/14Ah Gel Type Battery w/ cable, fuse & softcase
- 1x 12V Battery charger (dedicated for 8Ah-14Ah batteries, full charge of the kit battery in 8h)
- 2x 3/8? & 1/4? threaded tripod adapter plates
- 1x camera adapter plate (3/8? bolt)
- A set of keys
- Controller to slider signal cable