DitoGear OmniSlider Animators Edition PRO

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- With DitoGear OmniSlider you don?t have to change the motors to get different speed ranges. From 1m/3.7s to 1m in 1.5 year your creativity is not limited anymore.

- The interface of the DitoGear? OmniSlider delivers all features in a clear and intuitive way ? right at your fingertips when you need them.

- Thanks to refined design concepts making use of precise CNC-machined parts and servo motors, the DitoGear? OmniSlider allows you to feel comfortably on a set, even while working with the sound.

- The DitoGear? OmniSlider makes use of high-precision servo motors proprietary technology of controlling them to deliver unmatched positioning precision (up to 0.1mm) and ultimate smoothness of motion.

- The DitoGear? OmniSlider is probably the strongest compact slider available on the market. With its horizontal payload of over 70kg and vertical of 15kg it allows you to work with a range of cameras starting from DSLRs, through video, digital cinema to broadcast setups.

- Thanks to amazing build quality and technologies used, DitoGear? OmniSlider delivers perfect motion repeatability which you need for advanced match-moving, compositing and sophisticated special effects.
No more limitations.

- What?s the most amazing is that you get this performance with really impressive power efficiency.

Set included:

- DitoGear OmniSlider Stepper w/ custom operating track length of 0.85m (110cm total length)
- DitoGear DragonBridge Interface
- DitoGear OmniController
- Signal Cable
- DC Power Supply
- Power Pack 14Ah w/ Battery Charger
- Support Feet Pro
- Transport Case