Cinegears Single-Axis Wireless Standard Kit

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Single-Axis Wireless Standard Kit is now available and it is the best deal of the year! Enjoy the tidy design with the popular Express Controller and L-Shaped cable for you. This will be the most economical and complete follow focus kit for you. The Express controller sports a larger focus wheel that is more fluid, and precise, and it feels better in your hand. We’ve added amounting harness on the side of the controller. The kit also includes a thick magnetic marking disc, and the redesigned lemo cable. It now has a right angle, which will help keep the wires on your rig clean.

The Standard motor is capable of working with all cine style lenses, we have tested it with many lenses like Arri master primes, Arri Ultra Primes, Zeiss CP2, Canon CN-E and it works beautifully.


Express Plus Hand Controller

With our latest Wireless Express Plus Hand Controller, you can deliver a reliable signal from up to 100 meters away. It also comes with the larger follow focus wheel and hard stop knobs. The Wireless Hand Controller allows focus pullers to stand farther away from camera without compromising precision, making it perfect for jib, Steadicam, BeSteady, Movi or DJI Ronin shots. Set up to four focus presets with a single press of a button, same as the integrated record button. Instead of using a follow focus with limited lens control and mobility, the CINEGEARS Wireless Hand Controller lets you control focus, iris, or zoom wirelessly – all from one device.

Standard Motor

A lens control system is only as good as its motors, which is why Cinegears Lens Control Motors are held to strict performance benchmarks for noise, torque and design. They laterally lock onto 19mm and 15mm rail systems; avoiding the need to remove your matte box and other rail accessories. With a built in receiver, remote record, and interchangeable gear heads (m 0.4 to m 1.0), the Cinegears Wireless Lens Control Motor is ideal for just about any lens setup imaginable

  • 1x CINEGEARS Wireless Extreme Lens Control Motor
  • 1x CINEGEARS Wireless Express Hand Controller
  • 1x Motor Mounting Bracket 19mm Rail Adaptors
  • 1 x 15mm-19mm Rod Bushings
  • 2 x Thick Marking Disc Replacement
  • 1 x Power Tap Converter Cable
  • 1 x Mini USB Cable for Battery Charge