Cinegears Multi Axis Wireless Follow Focus Kit

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The CINEGEARS Multi Axis lens control system is a wireless lens control kit for driving your lens rings (focus, iris and zoom.) This system includes the CINEGEARS Wireless Hand Controller, The CINEGEARS Wireless Receiver, and the Wireless Lens Motor. The Lens Motors can fit both 19mm and 15mm rail systems. For ultra-quiet, high-torque lens control, the CINEGEARS Wireless Multi Axis Lens Control System delivers a complete solution that features remote record, interchangeable mounting brackets, and swappable drive gears. There is also the option to tether the receiver to the controller with a 4-pin lemo cable. With its modular design and tool-less installation, theCINEGEARS Multi Axis Wireless Lens Control System delivers precise lens control capability for any setup.

With the Wireless Hand Controller., you can deliver a reliable signal from up to 100 meters wirelessly. For jib, Steadicam, or helicopter shots, the Wireless Hand Controller allows focus pullers to stand farther away from camera without compromising precision. Set up to four Focus, Iris, and Zoom presets with a single press of a button, same as the integrated record button. Instead of using a follow focus with limited lens control and mobility, the CINEGEARS Wireless Hand Controller lets you control focus, iris, zoom, and remote REC trigger wirelessly – all from one device.

A lens control system is only as good as its motors, which is why the CINEGEARS Lens Control Motors are held to strict performance benchmarks for noise, torque and design. They laterally lock onto 19mm and 15mm rail systems; avoiding the need to remove your matte box and other rail accessories. With intelligent design, and interchangeable gear heads (m 0.4 to m 0.8), the CINEGEARS Wireless Lens Control Motors are ideal for just about any lens setup imaginable.

The CINEGEARS Receiver drives up to 6x CINEGEARS Lens Control Motors, as well as providing wired control, start/stop, and Stereoscopic 3D filming support. The CINEGEARS Receiver mounts to your rig on a rail by quick clamp and is powered using the 2-PIN1B TO 2-PIN 0B CABLE. It features a backlit LED screen so you can see exactly what your parameters are.

The latest Multi Axis Kit had been upgraded with:

  • All trigger functions built in, including SONY, CANON, ARRI and red epic
  • An extended controller slider, and also uni-body design
  • The power protection mode