CineWare CW-2PRO – deskové světlo + stmívač + dálkové ovládání

Cena: 4.355 Kč (3.599 Kč bez DPH)

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  • Voltage: 220V/110V
  • Total power: 2x55W=110W
  • Color temperature: 5600K/3200K
  • RA>90
  • Brightness steps: Infinitely Variable


  • Use professional lamps, low power consumption, low heat generation and good durability;
  • With outstanding quality, it can be 8 times the brightness of Tungsten light at the same output power;
  • Using advanced electronic ballast with a frequency up to 25,000~35,000HZ, can effectively eliminate light flickering and reduce subject’s visual fatigue and other negative impacts during a film, photography or video, without the troubles of flickering screen and black screen;
  • A wireless dimmer is configured to adjust light intensity easily at a long distance, and make it suitable for different illumination needs during a film, photography or video;
  • A dimmer knob and wireless controller provide dual ways of adjust light intensity, through the controller or the dimmer knob on the frame;
  • A scientific design allows the panel to be positioned horizontally or straightly, and to be adjusted to different illumination angles.