Tilta armor-man-2

TILTAMAX ARM-T02 – ARMOR-MAN v2.0 – Ultimate gimbal support

Cena: 65.990 Kč (54.537 Kč bez DPH)

  • 1x Vest
  • 2x Spring arm
  • 2x Wristband
  • 1x IDX battery plate
  • 1x Tool
  • 1x Safety case

Popis produktu

Two mechanical arms with shock-absorbing stabilized system. Support and free your arms. You can move your arms during shooting. You will have better concentration on the shooting without disturbance from the weight . Compatible with all handheld gimbal systems Adjustable arms to suit different cameras Not only the perfect partner for handheld stabilized systems but also a great choice for all types of shooting. Smaller and lighter than traditional stabilizers.

Package include:

  • 1x Multi-functional ajustable vest
  • 2x Balance support for 3 axis gimbal system(L/R)
  • 2x Spring arms(L/R)
  • 3x Allen wrench
  • 1x cross screw driver
  • 1x High strengh waterproof case


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